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My resin art creations was born from my observations of how people react to art. I find a lot of people seem reluctant or intimidated by the creative process.

They often tell me I am lucky I can paint and that they can’t draw a stick figure. I am wanting to share the amazing joy I get from creating my art. So I came up with the idea of creating interesting shapes that can be hung on the wall in different configurations and the person can move these pieces. By being part of the creative process you have the options of adding more pieces depending on the size of the wall.

The concept of being able to redesign your wall art with the existing pieces is a new concept. I have been working on and I have lots of ideas for more designs.

The pieces I create are very bright and bold.

The art is multi layered.

  1. There is the shape of the piece
  2. There is the configuration of the pieces
  3. The colours and the depth and effect of the resin itself

All making up an amazing original artwork on the wall.

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